We love to create something new.
We use the latest technology to hand craft the finest user experience across every device thinkable.

Should Esvaru develop your next app?

We have accomplished our goal when we develop a product that enriches life.

Whether we develop for iOS, Android, Windows or web the ultimate reward is developing something that is easy to use and becomes a great addition to the business or personal live of the user.

The right knowledge at the right time

That is why we aim to develop products - mainly apps- that make sure that you or your end user receives the right information at the right time. Think about how much value this already has in your live right now. Looking for the nearest grocery store, checking your bank account or maybe looking for an interesting date? All this is quickly and easily available trough apps. Good information means valuable knowledge to make the right decisions.

Understanding technology

Our power lies in the programming of these apps. We bridge the gap between the technical side and understandable language to the customer. And we are also able to translate your wishes to a concrete technical plan. Service and reachability together with technical innovation and quality are our main goals.

In short

We are your one stop shop for flexible and knowledgeable developers that support you in accomplishing your goals.




In doubt about how to make shure your concept will be a success? Esvaru has extensive experience in monitizing and building viable bussiness models around your idea's


Design and UX

Every great application starts with a carefully thought out workflow combined with a beautifull design. Interfaces sould explain themselves. That is why Esvaru takes great care of this process.



Simple websites, customized web apps, iOS and Android apps or something else? Esvaru has experience in 23 languages and frameworks. We aim to deliver as fast as possible without losing the quality we pride ourselves in.



The digital world can be a complicated place. Sometimes you need someone to translate what your IT people are saying. Or maybe wish to have a second opinion on an issue.
Feel free to give us a call. Free of charge.


Cutting edge

We love new technology! We always play around with the latest gadgets and whenever a new technology or language comes out we're the first ones to check it out. This keeps us right at the front of all tech advances.



Our main specialty is mobile apps. Android, iOS or windows. We believe apps are the future and creating the best mobile experience for the end user allows us to be a part of that.


Owner at IKSO

Because Esvaru has a wide array of skills availible they where able to fullfill our technical needs. Thanks to Esvaru we now have a great web application and Android app.

Owner at StatsQuo

We have been working with Esvaru for years on our iOS app. They definietly know their stuff and have plenty experience developing app's.

Promoter at LiftOff Events

The ticketshop Esvaru created for us proved to be better than relying on third party ticket services.

Owner at Hebikbedacht B.V

After having worked with Esvaru on another project we decided to work closely with them for Push for News. Working together we where able to create an amazing app.


Floor Duinstra

Account manager

(+31)6 22 329 501

Django Witmer

Technical consultant

(+31)6 22 329 501